Grow Tent Kits

Are you struggling with growing indoor plants only because you do not have the best equipment? People drop the idea of indoor growing because they do not have a budget to buy things like grow lights, grow tents, etc separately.

Many people ask us about which type of light is best for plants and which grow tent. Others are passionate about indoor growing but do not have space to grow little plants at home. Today we will answer every common question asked us by our readers.

To help you out we bring complete Grow tent kit Canada. Which include everything that is necessary to grow crops at home. These grow tent kits are highly suitable for beginners because they do not need to set up a grow area by joining every equipment step by step. Below mention is the mostly used grow tent kit in Canada.

Indoor Grow Tent complete kit by Hongruilite Grow tents Canada.

If you have a plan to grow some of your favorite plants secretly then this is the grow tent kit that you need to have. It locks the smell completely actually every grow tent is capable of locking the smell inside it. This gives you the ability to grow herbs at home without disturbing the environment inside your home.

The manufacturer releases the complete grow kit to grow any type of plant form small to large size. If you want to grow bigger plants or multiple plants at once you need a bigger grow tent. Our advice is to buy it online you can have a good deal. It is the most reliable grow tent manufacturing company in Canada. They sell their best things at the lowest price because their aim is to give the best thing to their customers at the best price.

Lighting System: You have two different option in this package choose 600 watts LED grow light to grow bigger plants. 300 Watt Led light is for smaller plants like lettuce, tomatoes, basil, etc these plants do not require much light per day to grow. For beginners, we recommend choosing the low-price model of the tent which has 300 Watt grow light. Indoor gardening looks easy but in reality, it is not that easy. Indoor plants demand proper care and supply of nutrients.

Moreover, it is easy to install it the metal structure comes with the proper connectors you do not have to tighten a single screw. Just connect the metal rods by using the given connectors and your tent structure will be ready in less than 3 minutes.

Tearproof 600D oxford cloth is used to make each tent. The benefits of using this cloth for making a tent is it is a highly durable material.

Carbon Filter: The Grow tent kit also has Activated carbon filter in it which filter the air inside the tent and give clean fresh air to your plants. a duct fan and connection pipe are required to set up the carbon filter in a tent. The good news is the kit also have an inline duct fan with 6 inches connecting pipe.


High star rating

Affordable price

Kit includes everything

Carbon filter

Powerful grow light


Does not include Timer

FINAL WORDS: This grows tent kit is affordable for beginners and experienced growers. It has all the necessary tool which is required to grow plants at home. LED light, Carbon filter, Duct fan with hosing are provided by the manufacturer. There are many other grow tent kits in the market but the above reviewed is one of the best in class. It is always good to have a top rated tool in your garden. It also comes with a guarantee and warranty on all things for information on it contact the manufacturer directly or email us your queries.